May 2019 Round-Up

May 2019 Round-Up

Hobby Farm

Vet Visit

At the beginning of the month of May, I was able to experience a first along with my children. For the first time, I took an animal to the veterinarian, along with my two kiddos. We took in our horse Rose Bandit, along with Nelly, my father-in-law’s mare. Both horses are getting ready to breed, and we wanted to make sure that the mares were in good health and find out when would be the ideal time for them to be breed. I was able to observe Bandit’s teeth being floated and having her wolf teeth removed. Later that day once we got the horses back home, we visited an Air Force Museum with my mom, sister, and children.


Although the arrival of the anticipated foals will be several months away, my family has been cleaning and preparing our barn and stalls to be able to house the mares and their foals. Debris and dirt were removed to create a clean and comfortable future stall for the horses.

Cleaning the barn’s horse stalls.
Black Angus Steers.


Although the addition of new foals to our mini-farm will be months away, we were happy to welcome new livestock to our farm, four black Angus cattle. We plan to feed them for the summer and sell them in the fall. We also had some unexpected animals on the farm as well, little dark-coated feral kittens nestled away in one of our horse stall’s hay buckets. After I found the hiding spot of the feral cat and her kittens, the momma cat hid them away in an unbeknownst spot away from our place.

Four feral kittens.

Anniversary Date

To secure the hopeful arrival of foals next spring, my husband and I took the horses to the breeders. On the weekend of our anniversary, my husband and I celebrated by taking Bandit to the breeders and going to dinner afterward. This beautiful little foal was at the breeder’s barn and it made me super excited for my own little foal next spring. I especially loved it’s matching socks.

Horse Training: Groundwork

To have the opportunity to raise, train, and care for horses is very special. We have worked hard for our lifestyle and have learned to LOVE the work that comes with owning and enjoying livestock.

Living on a farm comes with responsibilities and many chores, and we’ve been working hard to create systems and routines that allow us to live our ideal lifestyle while still having time to care for not only animals but the humans around us too. Through simple-living and organization, I am able to care for the needs of my husband, children, siblings, parents, grandparents, and neighbors. Between the duties of the farm, home, and family life, I have been feeling overwhelmed. So to overcome the overwhelm, I have employed mindfulness and modest-living to handle the life I am pursuing.

Mindful Memorial Day

One helpful tool that has helped me stay on top of my responsibilities, is Trello. Trello is a phone app and tool that organizes life’s projects. On top of being able to organize my life on Trello, I was able to better clean and organize my home over Memorial Day weekend. While my husband took my son on a fishing trip, I stayed home with my daughter to enjoy a stay-cation. After tending to the needs of my home, with my mom and sister we stayed overnight at a hotel an hour away from our home and visited a cemetery to visit grandparent gravesites. We went swimming, went out for ice cream, visited a farmer’s market, walked on temple grounds, and visited a family friend.

Over the whole month of May, and especially on Memorial Day, we remembered and gave tribute to our ancestors and loved ones. Many times in May, we visited the bedside of my maternal grandmother and reminisced about the special memories we have with grandparents.

After a busy memorial day weekend, I was excited for my husband to be back home and for us to get back to our routine and continue working on the house and farm. This month we picked out the tile that will be installed in our laundry room’s shower. With a cleaner and better-organized home, I am excited for more time cooking and less time cleaning so I can continue to improve on my wholesome cooking skills.

I feel so passionate about providing my family with proper nourishment and nutrition to aid in their growth and development. A staple recipe that I have been baking in my home is Super Healthy Kids’ Applesauce Muffins. Made with whole wheat flour and applesauce, along with other wholesome ingredients, I feel good letting my children snarf these muffins down.

Applesauce Muffins

On top of the busyness of this month, I decided to chop off 4 inches of my hair, leaving the length at my shoulders. Although I love long hair, I wanted to remove the bleached blonde ends off of my hair and to try a lob (long bob) hairstyle. I’m excited to grow it back out again in my natural color!

I hope you all have a beautiful upcoming month of June!