I started BRE HEALTHY a little over a year and a half ago. I am proud of the improvements I have made to my blog and the personal improvements I have made because of my blog. I have learned so many valuable skills. Not only have I improved my professional skill-set, I have improved all areas of my wellness.

Starting my blog, I knew what the gist of my blog’s mission was but still, I felt like something was missing.

In a heavily saturated field such as health and fitness, I was wondering what do I have to offer that is different? I am a registered nurse and am grateful for that aspect of differentiation. However, many others are promoting nutrition, holistic health, natural beauty, self-love, and sustainable fitness. Yep, me too!?

In college, I took a nursing prerequisite nutrition class. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and love the nutrition field-of-study. However, as a baccalaureate registered nurse, I know the value of degrees, licenses, and certifications and would want more education myself to coach others about nutrition.

I love to be strong and move my body, however, I am again not an expert in the fitness industry yet. I didn’t know what value I could contribute to the field that another more trained fitness professional could. Therefore, I have kept on studying health, wellness, and fitness and creating content for BRE HEALTHY.

I had a defining moment with BRE HEALTHY this past week, one that gave greater clarity to my professional and personal mission and purpose. I have been recently studying the topic of modesty. I have always tried to have my dress, appearance, and attitude show that I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and a daughter of God. In an ever-changing world, modesty standards are changing and loosening. As a health and fitness blogger, the reasons to “undress” are greater. I was needing to readdress how I felt about the modesty standard and gain a stronger testimony of it.

I have set a standard for myself on the way I dress and because I have maintained that modesty standard, I have been protected and immensely blessed by Jesus Christ. I respect other people’s agency and know that their decisions are between them and the Lord and their decisions should be something that I don’t cast judgment on. Although I will try to not cast judgment on others, I do believe that I can decide to let only certain influences be present in my life.

“Don’t judge me because I sin differently than you.” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

So with that being said, I was searching different articles about modesty in fitness and came upon an article about wholesome women. At that moment, I found what element I was missing from my mission! Wholesome health and wellness is what my blog BRE HEALTHY is all about. By definition, wholesome means: conducive to, suggestive of, or promoting of good health and physical and moral well-being. Therefore, BRE HEALTHY, with greater focus and purpose, will continue to promote wholesome health.

Wellness Tip

Set boundaries in your life that promote better health, happiness, and a stronger testimony of your values. Let others know what your values are and how they can respect you in your decisions. Are the people in your life helping you live the way you want? Are the people you are following on social media helping you be your best self? You control your thoughts and the environment you create with them can either be conducive or harmful to your health and happiness. You are in control of your life.