April 2019 Round-Up

April 2019 Round-Up

Hey, busy bees! It’s been a hot minute since I published a blog post. I’ve been focusing on getting things in order on the home front with my children and farmhouse. I’ve wanted to be more present here on my blog, however, my full presence and attention have been towards my family and home.


I also was quiet because my website was down for maintenance. With the help of my brother, I switched website hosting providers. I revamped my BRE HEALTHY brand and made updates to my blog after rebranding and honing down my niche.

Home Renovation

Winter served a great purpose for us, as we accomplished many home projects. We are undertaking an upstairs bathroom remodel and entire downstairs remodel.

Master Bedroom

We gutted the basement and moved walls to convert the downstairs family room into a master bed and bath. Our current upstairs family room was a large add-on to the house several years ago, therefore, the family room in the downstairs will serve a greater purpose for us as an additional bedroom and bathroom.

The master bedroom will have two closets, one double door closet, and another underneath-the-stairs closet. It’s a good thing that my husband and I are minimalists because closet space will be slightly limited. On the far wall of the bedroom, we will have a beautiful wood burning stove with a tile hearth.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom will have a toilet, jetted tub with cultured marble tub surround, and 60-inch bathroom vanity.

Upstairs Bathroom

For the upstairs bathroom remodel, we replaced the upstairs tub, vanity, mirror, and lights. My husband installed two additional lights, one above the tub and the second above the toilet. We removed the cast iron tub and plastic tub surround and installed a deep fiberglass tub and cultured marble tub surround.

The floor under the original vanity was not tiled like the rest of the floor, so my husband was able to chip up a matching tile piece from the downstairs laundry shower room to install under the upstairs bathroom vanity’s edge.

He removed the tile from the area that will be part of the new and enlarged downstair laundry room’s shower.

Laundry and Shower Room

As for the laundry and shower room, we pushed one of the walls back a couple of feet, creating a more spacious laundry room. With the extra space, we are enlarging the downstairs shower and adding a 36-inch bathroom vanity next to the washer and dryer. The previous owners left matching floor tile in the garage that we will use as we extend the floor back.

We are quite excited about the enlarged laundry and shower room. It will make my task of cleaning clothes much easier. Adjacent to the master bedroom and laundry room is a bedroom that will be our designated study and playroom.


The playroom was the sacrificial space room, where we pushed the wall back for the laundry room and master bedroom closet. It now is the same size as an upstairs bedroom, therefore, space is still comfortable and livable.

Although the renovation has been a large undertaking, we are excited to increase the number of bedrooms and bathrooms this home has. This house will now have 5 bedrooms and 3 baths. We might possibly add an additional bathroom on our main level in the future.

Even though the renovation has taken a lot of time and energy, we think the investment and new layout of our home will be a benefit for our family.


Luckily one room that doesn’t need major renovations in the kitchen. I spend a lot of time in there, prepping meals and becoming a more confident cook.

A neighbor of mine was getting rid of some canning jars, so I brought them home and cleaned them up. I organized my cellar and found a home for them there.


One place that I will spend more time this summer is our barn and pasture. A lot of old farm supplies were left in our newly acquired barn and my husband and I have been working hard to clean it out and bring it back to functionality.

We removed two dump truck loads of old farm supply from our barn.


I’m excited about my garden this year, which is located behind the barn. I hope to plant a couple of vegetable plants and cut-flowers as well, thanks to the instruction of Save The Bees Flower Co.


I was able to attend my sister-in-law’s Cut Flower Garden class. That was a fun outing for this momma, especially since I was able to complete an audiobook on the drive to the class. Other fun outings were visiting a garden and thrift store. These were some of my fun findings:

Leather sandals for my little girl.
Western button-down for my toddler boy.
Western vest for myself.


Celebrating family’s birthdays and Easter with family was also a highlight of this month.

My family and I feel so fortunate to live such a blessed life and to have our home and outbuildings, and access to acreage. We have worked hard and continue to work hard to live our ideal life. As I have practiced contentment, abundance, and gratitude, I already feel I am living my dream life. Life is good.