September 2019 Round-Up

September 2019 Round-Up


My 4-year old daughter Ro started preschool at the beginning of the month. Her preschool is only three days a week for a couple of hours and we love to stroller walk to and from the preschool as often as we can. While she is at preschool playing and learning with her sweet teacher and friends, I have a mommy and me preschool with my two-year-old son HH. It’s been a good setup for all of us! Ro has benefited from the social interaction, as she asks almost daily where and when we are going out for the day. My son has benefited from the one on one time with his mom to play and practice talking.

BRE’S Bites

During the month, the compassionate service coordinator from our church congregation reached out to me to ask if I could make food for a family. She also told me that the family has special dietary needs such as gluten-free, dairy-free, and a diet free of white rice and corn. I put my creative juices to work and brainstormed what kind of dinner I could make. Step in a green salad with diced chicken chunks. The meal consisted of romaine lettuce, shredded carrots, bacon bits, boiled egg bits, tomato chunks, dried cranberries, peas, cucumbers, and chicken cooked with a little olive oil and Italian seasoning. For the dressing, the family already had some at their home. Other additional toppings that could’ve worked but didn’t have available are sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, bell peppers, and avocado.

For our own family’s dinner, we had teriyaki grilled chicken over the same green salad, in addition to grated cheese and canned corn. Talk about a tasty meal! I was super grateful for this experience that stretched me to cook in a way that is different than my norm.

One of my go-to breakfasts that I ate a lot of this month is old-fashioned oats oatmeal with almond butter, vanilla protein powder, and blueberries.

Per my parent’s request, I raided my childhood home’s garden while they were out of town and came home with one zucchini and a bunch of tomatoes. I made homemade zucchini tomato soup. I even added some basil from my own backyard herb pot. So flavorful and a perfect recipe for the end of summer’s harvest season.

Picking produce in my parent’s garden and subsequently cooking a wholesome meal for my family, was very therapeutic for me. Motherhood can sometimes feel heavy and creating a nutritive meal and sitting down and eating it with my whole little family, reminded me of what life is all about and my nurturing purpose as a mother.

Cattle Auction

Over the summer, we raised four beef steers on our pasture to sell back to the local livestock auction at the beginning of autumn. On the morning of the weekly auction, my husband and I spent a couple of hours trying to get the cattle in our trailer. We were feeling quite defeated by not being able to get them in, however, failure leads to ingenuity! With our first method, we were only able to get one steer in with an almost second. We regrouped and figured out a way to box them in a small pen and load all four of them in the trailer. With our initial method, we were hoping to at least take two the first week, and two the next week. However, our defeat led to a determination to find a better way. We successfully loaded all four steers, allowing us to take them all in one trip. This success was a definite confidence boost I was in need of.

Hubby Time

During the month, I was able to go to a Pioneer Days Rodeo volunteer appreciation dinner with husband. The date night with the hubby was a nice break from working on our basement remodel almost every night and weekend. On our basement renovation, we were able to finish painting the walls and ceiling. My husband and I work well alongside each other and it felt good to accomplish such a big milestone in our home renovation. Next, we need to hang doors, install and paint trim, and carpet! Getting close!

Family Time

Up to our local canyon, we had a campout with my family. The first night we had a big campfire dinner. We enjoyed the beautiful outdoor scenery and warm company. The following morning, we rode our horses and explored a local creek.

Children Time

During the month, I was able to take my children on two field trips, one to the local fire station and the other to the zoo! At the fire station, we enjoyed seeing the fire gear, trucks, and ambulances. At the Zoo, the children enjoyed seeing the various animals and were able to feed a giraffe lettuce!