March 2020 Round-Up

March 2020 Round-Up


After my birthday month of February, we celebrated my husband, daughter, and son’s birthday in March! It’s a busy month of birthdays for our immediate and extended family. We celebrated by having a birthday dinner for my son and daughter with family. Ro and HH are two years and two days apart. They have a strong friendship and as a mother, I love seeing their strong sibling bond.

For their birthday party, I made confetti cupcakes and chocolate dirt cups. My daughter requested unicorn and rainbow themed birthday dessert. My son requested a tractor themed birthday dessert. I used a store-bought cake mix and frosting for the cupcakes. For the dirt cups, I used instant chocolate pudding and crumbled Oreos. Both desserts were delicious!

Baby Boy

To add to our family’s March birthdays, I had my baby! He was born two days after his due date, despite me trying to induce myself into labor by leading our horse Bandit around our pasture. He’s a beautiful baby boy and we are absolutely obsessed with him. His nickname here on my blog will be E!

My labor was not the smoothest due to the fact that my first epidural didn’t work. I had a second epidural placed that worked around 10 minutes before it was time for me to deliver E. Although my labor wasn’t ideal, my delivery was quick and smooth. We were excited to find out the gender of our baby since I decided to not find out during my pregnancy.

E is my biggest baby yet and came out pink, strong, and healthy. He’s a content little dude who has completely stolen our hearts.


During this “fourth trimester” postpartum period, I have felt well and have focused on rest and fueling my body to heal and produce milk for E. Going on walks with the family has been a great way to stay active and regain strength and stamina. I have focused on gentle stretching and basic muscle toning exercises to strengthen my pelvic floor, core, and whole body. I look forward to improving my physical fitness.

My husband, parents, and siblings have been a great support system as I recover and adjust to life as a mother of three. My young daughter and son have transitioned well to their new baby brother and have been nothing but loving towards him.

One of my friends dropped off a bouquet of tulips to congratulate me on the new member of our family. I appreciated the sweet gesture! With E in tow, I have found great pleasure in walking around my yard and checking out my spring flowers!


Oh Covid-19, the defining word of the month of March and year of 2020. Having a baby during a global pandemic is nothing something you dream about or plan for, however, it has become our reality. The night I had E, was the last day that the hospital allowed two visitors in the labor and delivery room. My husband and mother were considered the two visitors. I labored through a Sunday night and had E in the early hours of a Monday morning.

As we went to the postpartum room, the charge nurse notified us that due to a change of policy that day, we were to only have one visitor. And if the husband is in attendance, he’s considered the solo visitor.

Although it was unfortunate that our family members weren’t able to meet E right away, I was grateful that I could focus on resting, recovering, and bonding with my new baby and didn’t have to entertain a revolving door of visitors. We opted to go home after one night and were excited for our daughter and son to meet their new baby brother.

Another silver-lining of the Coronavirus quarantine has been that my husband Karson has worked from home. Having him home daily to help with our two older children has been priceless. He’s been able to bond more closely with our newborn, due to the fact that he isn’t going into work and spending time away from him. I’ve been super grateful for his support during my recovery.


Several days after bringing E home from the hospital, we experienced an earthquake! My son really shook the ground that we stand on with his delivery! Already as a recovering mom, I felt physically worn and shaken, so to have an earthquake on top of that, it really rattled my bones. No damage was done to our home and family.

Home Cooking

Typically our church congregation will bring food to the new moms of our neighborhood, however, due to the fact that our community was under quarantine, we didn’t receive meals to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 viral infection.

Fortunately, I pre-made freezer meals and stocked our pantry with wholesome and easy meals to cook postpartum. My husband has helped with food prep and mealtime, which I have been so grateful for. My mother and mother-in-law dropped food off to help us as we transition to life as a family of five.

Making muffins for my preschooler and toddler to eat has been super helpful. When I have stayed up all night with my newborn and finally found sleep in the later morning, muffins are an easy breakfast that my children can grab and eat without my help. I made applesauce oat muffins from Better From Scratch Blog.

We also made some ground turkey tacos. Adding corn and black beans to the turkey helped it go further and added extra nutrition and taste. During this pandemic, we have been grateful for a stocked pantry, fridge, and freezer. I am grateful for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and their self-reliance resources and teachings that we have adopted into our lifestyle. To find those resources and information, search the website here.

Memorable Month

March 2020 will be a month to remember. Three birthdays and one birth. A global pandemic and house-rattling regional earthquake. Bring it on 2020!