July 2019 Round-Up

July 2019 Round-Up

With the closing of July, I reflect upon the memorable and special activities we participated in this month. The most meaningful activity my family attended was my maternal grandmother’s and cousin’s funerals. I am grateful for the knowledge and testimony of eternal families. My grandmother was long-suffering and loving. I am grateful for her example and the significant role she played and will forever play in my life. As we celebrated the life of my loved ones, I gained a fuller and greater love for my family.

Independence Day Camping

For Independence Day, my husband, children, and I camped overnight in our trailer up to our local canyon at his family’s property. Over the campfire, we enjoyed hot dogs for dinner and Woof’ ems for dessert.

For breakfast the next morning, we had woof’ ems with scrambled eggs, ground sausage, and grated cheese. They were super delicious!

The night we arrived, we took a 4 wheeler ride up to a lookout point to practice shooting guns. We did the same thing the following morning.

Going to the property was a good opportunity for us to check on our horses, whom we pasture there to get strong on the mountainous range and vegetation. We came home the night of the 4th and watched the firework displays surrounding our home. Before dawn, we had a light rainstorm and had our own rainbow light show to prep us for the nighttime firework show. Where we live, we have 360-degree firework shows going on all around our town. So we simply had to set up our lawn chairs in our backyard and take in the pyrotechnics.

Hauling Hay

Later in July, I went with my husband and children to haul hay. We helped drive the truck as my husband, his dad, and brothers loaded the hay on the trailer.

Pioneer Day Rodeo

As a family, we spent several nights at the local Pioneer Day Rodeo. My husband helped with pre-rodeo show and would help set up the finale events at the rodeo, including the freestyle bullfighting and BMX bike show. My daughter helped two nights with the mutton bustin’ and is seen here cooling the sheep off with a hose.

Farm Goods


I found this antique vintage poultry and chicken feeder in our barn and was able to sell it! The first item sold from Wholesome Hearth Co. Market Shop!