January 2020 Round-Up

January 2020 Round-Up

Swim lessons

For the month of January, my husband and I signed our children up for swim lessons. The swim facility offered a parent and child swim class, in which we placed our two-year-old boy. We signed our four-year-old daughter up for the preschool swim class. Both children made great progress in their swim education. We learned what areas of swim education we can work on with each child. I believe swimming is not just a hobby sport, it’s also a life skill and safety issue. I’m glad we were able to do swim lessons before summer because I look forward to having more peace of mind when spending time in the water with my children this hot season.

Out and About

Mid-month, I was able to have a Mom’s Night Out. We went out to eat and had fun conversations. It’s important for women to connect with other adults and have an identity as a woman outside of being a selfless mother.

With my mom, youngest sister, and two children, we went and saw Frozen II in theatre. I absolutely loved the show! Frozen II has a rich storyline and beautifully artistic animation. My son was enthralled with the whole show, along with my daughter, who especially loved the water horse, Nokk.

January’s monthly date night with my husband Karson was amazing! We went to a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Temple. After the temple, we went to Olive Garden for dinner. It was a much needed and wonderful way to connect with my husband. We both ordered a limited-time pasta dish, made with shrimp and a lobster sauce. It was delicious! I want to make a copycat recipe for that meal!

During the month, we celebrated my sister’s birthday and late grandparents’ birthdays. We celebrated by having root beer floats with my parents, siblings, uncle, and his family.

A highlight of the month was a Ladies Ski Day with my mom and two little sisters.


My children went sledding with my parents at a local park and hill. My children had a blast!

Farm and Home

Mid-month, my father-in-law’s horse got colitis. He had his horse stay overnight in our barn, making sure he had nothing by mouth and was outputting normally.

Meal Prep

Meal prep for the month included banana muffins, boiled eggs, cheddar broccoli soup, and chicken, broccoli, and rice casserole.

This is how cooking looks like currently. I have to be very conscious that I don’t get food on my baby belly! For meal prep later that month, I cooked homemade refried beans to serve with chicken enchiladas and Spanish rice.

My family celebrated the Chinese New Year by making ham-fried-rice, store-bought general tso chicken, and sweet and sour chicken.

Children’s Clothes Organization

One major project I wanted to complete before I have my baby in March, is going through the countless boxes of boys and girls kid’s clothes. I pulled all of the boxes of clothes out of our crawl space and laid them out on our long living room floor. One side of the room had boys’ clothes and the other side had girls’ clothes. I sorted the clothes by age and size and started a donation pile of clothes I no longer wanted. I purchased sixteen clear plastic containers with lids and stored each size of clothes in separate boxes. If all the clothes in that size range didn’t fit in the bin, then more clothes would be added to the donation pile. After donating the clothes, and having the clothes boxed up in the crawl space, I had more peace of mind.