February 2020 Round-Up

February 2020 Round-Up

Out And About

Did you know February is my birthday month? I celebrated turning 28 years old with my family! Being very pregnant, I opted to celebrate low-key with my immediate family. It was a great birthday month.

One the first day of the month, I attended one of my elementary school friend’s funeral. She passed away probably due to complications from her chronic diseases. She had suffered from health issues for many years. With her passing, she is no longer suffering and relieved from pain. Her passing reminded me of how grateful I am for the knowledge of life after death through the atonement of Jesus Christ. I continue to wish peace and comfort to her family and loved ones.

With my two children, we were able to visit the local children’s museum. The museum is one of my children’s favorite indoor local attractions. We enjoyed the various activities around the interactive museum.

With my mom, little sisters, and children, we went out to lunch to celebrate all of our beginning of the year birthdays with birthday coupons to a local restaurant and gift shop. My parent’s five children’s birthdays fall in January, February, March, April, and May!

A couple in our neighborhood invited us to go on a double date night to eat at Waffle Love. That was my first time eating there and I enjoyed my entree very much! It was fun to go out with my husband and friends.

Before I have my baby mid-march, I wanted to attend our local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint Temple with my mom. I find a lot of peace, comfort, and strength by attending the temple.

With my mom and husband, we took the children to a local storytelling festival. It was hosted in a historic theatre in our hometown and it was fun experiencing something new with my family.

With my daughter’s preschool, we visited a local pizza cafe for a field trip. I was super impressed with the restaurant’s cleanliness and food preparation. The pizza was delicious!

On the last day of the month, my husband had the children for the afternoon and I had a girls night, eating a tasty dinner and watched the movie Leap Year. Super fun night!

Farm and Home

My husband installed laundry room cabinets! What a good birthday present!

After a snowfall earlier in the month, the children bundled up in snow clothes and played out in our yard. What a life!

Once the snow melted, we as a family cleaned the gravel by our barn. After our family work party, my husband over-seeded our back pasture to get it ready for spring.

I captured my baby belly at 37 weeks pregnant. Our mare, Rose Bandit, is carrying a foal. I thought it would be fun to capture our pregnant bellies together.

I hope everyone had a good month!