December 2019 Round-Up

December 2019 Round-Up

I cannot believe that 2019 has wrapped up!

At the beginning of the month, I made bone broth from a recipe I found on made with a leftover Thanksgiving hambone. It was nice to have bone broth in my fridge to drink throughout the month of December to keep me well and hydrated. Staying well during the month of December was important because I had a lot of activities to attend, places to be, and people to visit!

I was able to go to the Salt Lake Temple with my mom and sister before it is closed for four years! I had more girls time that week when I went to my neighborhood’s Ladies Night Out to our local late-night diner.

During the month, my youngest sister graduated with her general associates. All five of my parent’s children are now college graduates! I am super grateful for my parents and the emphasis they have on education. I am grateful for my degree and higher education opportunities.

I had a prenatal appointment that went well. Fortunately, I passed my glucose drink check and had no issues there. Both our horse Bandit and I are due with babies this spring and I am looking forward to being surrounded by new life here around our farmhouse.

We attended a preschool field trip for my daughter to our local downtown’s Christmas village and lights. The children rode a miniature train, sang songs, and toured around the holiday village with Mrs. Clause! Another preschool activity we attended was my daughter’s Christmas program. After her program, we went and saw more local Christmas lights around town.

A fun outing I had with just my husband was going to his Christmas work party. The food was delicious and I always leave his work parties feeling grateful for the great people he works with and the wonderful company he works at.

For neighbor and church congregation Christmas gifts, I made eleven batches of candied almonds to package and deliver. While I was cooking the almonds, my home smelled like sweet cinnamon and sugar. They are a perfect edible gift and you can find the recipe here.

We attended our church congregation’s Christmas party and program. I was asked to sing a solo titled “Guard Him, Joseph” from Sally Deford’s website. It was sweet singing a song about Mary and what she would possibly say to Joseph about taking care of baby Jesus. The whole Christmas program was put together well and was very uplifting.

The Sunday before Christmas, we went to my husband’s maternal family’s Christmas family home evening. We had Christmas Eve at my parent’s home and I loved seeing my children, niece, and nephew reenact the nativity scene and listen intently to my mom as she read the story of Jesus Christ’s birth. On Christmas Day, we opened up family presents at home and then went to my parents for brunch. For Christmas dinner, we went to my husband’s parent’s home.

On the last day of the year, we went skiing for my dad’s birthday. It was my two-year-old son’s first time skiing. I am so grateful for this family tradition and that it is something I can pass down to my children.

After skiing, we went to dinner with my family at a steakhouse and then went to my husband’s grandma’s home for a New Year’s Eve party. We got home way before midnight and tucked our children in their beds one last time for the year of 2019. We threw a pressed log into our bedroom’s wood-burning stove and dozed off in our comfy bed five minutes before the new year. It was a perfect ending to 2019.