August 2019 Round-Up

August 2019 Round-Up

“Herdward” Bound

At the beginning of the month, we dropped our horses Bandit and Shotgun off to our mountain property to be with the rest of their herd for the end of summer to get strong for the deer and elk hunt this autumn. It was enjoyable to have an outdoor outing with my husband and children. The times out in nature with my family are my very most favorite.

Temple Night

Mid-month, I was able to go to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint’s Ogden Temple with my parents and sister and some of my maternal aunts, uncles, and cousin, whom is heading on a ministering mission for our church. I was grateful for a night off to go to dinner and the temple with my extended family while my husband watched our children at home.

Memory Books

Before my daughter starts preschool at the beginning of September, I wanted to put together memory books for my children. Memory books are three-ring binders filled with home and school keepsake papers. Now as she brings papers home from preschool, I can easily insert them in her book and have for later viewing and enjoyment!

Green River

My husband had the opportunity to go on a fishing trip to the Green River. He works very hard for our family and I was happy he had an opportunity to do something that he loves.

Homemade Soup

I made my homemade zucchini tomato soup from some big juicy tomatoes my friend dropped off along with some frozen shredded zucchini from my garden last year.  You can find the soup recipe here or by clicking the picture below.

County Fairs

With my mom, little sisters, and children, I went to the Weber County Fair. We enjoyed seeing the animals and agricultural, craft, and art displays.

Later in the month, with just my mother and children, we visited the Box Elder County Fair. It’s my favorite local fair and I especially love the feel of the surrounding area. I have family roots in that city, so we often will drive by old family homes and burial sites of our ancestors.

Labor Day Weekend

My husband Karson and daughter Ro Ro went to Island Park Idaho. Ro is a little sportswoman and loves everything outdoors, so I was excited for her to have some solo time with her sportsman father. On the trip, she learned to ride a bike without training wheels and caught several fish. Not only does she like catching the fish, but she also enjoys eating it too. A girl after my own heart.

Here in Utah, HH and I went to Park City and Heber City with my mom and little sisters. I enjoyed their company very much and was grateful for the weekend to rest and relax. We visited Park City’s main street and historical city park. We went to Heber city’s downtown park as well and walked around Heber Valley Historic Railroad and train station. Before heading home, we drove to Midway’s Swiss Glockenspiel and watched the clock display. It was a great weekend all around.

Home Renovation

Although we’ve had a lot of recreational activities this month, we still have been continuously working on our basement. We hung sheetrock and had a contractor finish mudding and taping. Next step on remodeling is to paint, hang lighting, install trim, set structures in places like the vanities, toilets, and cabinets. After that, carpet and decorate. We are getting there finally! We’ve remodeled two homes in the past four years and I’m ready to be settled in a home.

Back to School

I was able to take my daughter to her Back To Preschool activity. It made me want to go to preschool again! I love the hype of the beginning of a school year and the feeling of community that surrounds a child starting school.

While my daughter Ro is away at preschool three mornings a week for a short time, I plan to take that time to work with HH in his speech and skill development. Once she gets home from preschool, I’ll have one-on-one time with her to review her school lesson from that day. It’s going to be a great school year!