April 2020 Round-Up

April 2020 Round-Up


After a month like March 2020, I was looking forward to general conference and Easter with my sweet family of five. Twice a year, the leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints give inspiring and uplifting sermons. We consider their words to be modern scripture and revelation. We listened to our prophet’s words and learned ways we can strengthen home and family, come closer to God and Jesus Christ, and serve others.

To continue that focus on Christ and Heavenly Father, we remembered the death and resurrection of Christ on Easter Day. Easter is such a beautiful holiday. I am grateful for Jesus Christ’s atonement and resurrection. Easter was extra special this year. If you continue reading, you’ll find out why!

The day after Easter, my 5-year-old, 3-year-old, and I colored hard-boiled eggs. My cute son did all the same blue color on his eggs, while my daughter had a colorful assortment of eggs.

Due to school being canceled, my daughter’s preschool teacher and the “Easter Bunny” dropped off Easter eggs to our front lawn. It was a fun treat for my daughter!

Postpartum Wellness

Along with focusing and renewing my spiritual health with Easter and general conference, I’ve also been focusing on my postpartum physical health. Post-pregnancy is a vulnerable time, full of physical, mental, and emotional transitions. Taking stroller and carrier walks with my children have been so helpful as I recover physically from childbirth. Walking decreases my stress and improves my mood.

I truly believe that walking is one of the best things you can do during pregnancy and post-pregnancy to improve your wellbeing. Schedule it in and express to your husband the need for movement and physical activity and how he can help you achieve that with childcare.

For my 6 weeks postpartum visit, I had my appointment via video chat. I missed the in-person experience of a doctor’s visit, however, I am grateful for technology and it’s use in keeping my family well and illness free.

Farm Fun

Once a month, we try to have a campfire dinner in our gravel pasture by our barn. The children especially enjoyed the smores and quality time spent as a family.

My husband has been working hard on improving the pastures behind our home. Every opportunity my children have to ride with their daddy on the garden tractor, they take it!

Mares and Foals

On Easter morning, instead of the Easter bunny coming, we had another animal arrive. Our horse Bandit had her foal! He’s a colt we named Scout! He looks like his maternal grandmother Buttercup, who is a part of my father-in-law’s herd. Like Buttercup, Scout is a sorrel horse with a white marking on his face. Welcome to the farm Scout!

Right after a foal’s birth, it is important to initiate imprint training. My husband did an excellent job imprinting Scout. I made sure to love on Bandit a lot, knowing that like me, she was recovering from the physical and emotional challenges of childbirth. Childbirth is a challenging feat and it takes a toll on a momma. For being a first-time mom, Bandit was a champ!

We have my father-in-law’s pregnant mare Nellie in our care, and several days after Bandit gave birth, she birthed a filly. My in-laws named her Dixie. Nellie was due before Bandit, so when Bandit had her foal first, we were super surprised. I am in newborn heaven with my human and horse babies!

Mountain Fun

My husband had work to do on our mountain family property, so the kids and I visited him. While our palomino gelding Shotgun was saddled up to check fence, the children took the opportunity to ride him. He’s a good horse and I am grateful he is a part of our herd. I am thankful that my children are growing up with horses. They have learned a lot about responsibility and autonomy because of our livestock.

Home Cooking

Food this month that hit the spot was:

Oven-baked chicken, cilantro lime quinoa, and steamed green beans. Nutrition is key in recovering from pregnancy and childbirth. A balanced diet full of quality lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, will ensure the postpartum body has the building blocks for healthy cells to return to their proper functioning.

I loved the flavor of this sweet potato hash, made with sauteed kale, scrambled eggs, and steamed sweet potatoes.

We made homemade Chick-Fil-A nuggets. They were delicious! Here’s the recipe.

In my Crock-Pot, I made a Tuscan salmon and pasta dish. Omegas from seafood are an important nutrient for postpartum healing and brain functioning. A nurse from my OBGYN office educated me that fish oil and omega-3s are help prevent postpartum depression. Another reason to love fish! Here’s the recipe where I substituted salmon for chicken.

We love homemade bread around our house. Here’s the bread recipe that’s on repeat.

Here’s the first harvest from our garden, Rhubarb. I made a rhubard strawberry smoothie. Yum!