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About the Founder, Breanna

Breanna is a passionate wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and nurse. Her two chosen professions, mother, and registered nurse are centered around taking care of others. At a very young age, she was instilled with a want to serve others. She strives to be a source of strength, inspiration, and guidance for those with whom she interacts.

Baccalaureate Registered Nurse

Breanna has been an active member of the health industry and nursing profession since 2009. Her nursing experience includes long-term care, rehabilitation, medical, oncology, home health, hospice, and clinical education. While working for an internationally recognized hospital, she was awarded an employee of the month recognition on her unit. While at that same hospital, she was an active member and participant in a Clinical Excellence Committee and Infection Control Committee.


Graduating Summa Kum Laude with her Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing, Breanna has the experience and ability to instruct in health education. With active leadership roles as a clinical coach, educator, and instructor, she has the skills to lead in the health industry. She received an Emerging Leader Scholarship in college that gave her opportunities to lead and serve her university. She also received other scholarships that were awarded to students who showed active involvement in the community and high academic standing.


In her youth, she served in the community as a youth city mayor, youth city council member, and usher for the Ogden Symphony and Ballet Association. Currently, she volunteers for Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo, Days For Girls International, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints congregation. Also, she recently donated 8.5 inches of hair to Children With Hair Loss.


Breanna is passionate about creating a wholesome environment, not only for her family, but for the livestock that is entrusted in her care. As an owner of horses and cattle, she ensures that the animals have a clean environment and feed. Breanna loves growing her own food and cultivating the ground around her.

Personal Bio

Breanna enjoys cooking and baking nutritious food at home. She loves to garden and raise livestock. You can often find her cleaning and organizing her home. Breanna is a thrift shopper and bootstrapper. She values self-reliance and a hard work ethic. She is married to Karsom, a professional mechanical engineer and hobby fisherman, horseman, and huntsman. She is a mother of two sweet children. She currently lives on a hobby farm with two horses, one pony, and four steers.

She is an advocate for physical fitness and strength. In her youth, she was an academic-all-state tennis athlete, regional track runner, and hobby skier, hiker, biker, swimmer, tumbler, and soccer player. She has run a half-marathon and continues to improve her physical fitness as a mother by horseback riding, walking, biking, hiking, skiing, ballet barre, and weight-training.

Breanna finds enjoyment in the arts. She loves to write, sing, draw, paint, photograph, play the piano, and violin. She loves to read books and listen to audiobooks and podcasts. She is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and advocates for high values in society. You can read her religious testimony here. She loves to travel and be adventurous, however, she equally enjoys being surrounded by the walls of her own home.

As a mother and woman, she knows the conflicting information and harsh influences that are upon women in this day in age. She strives to live a wholesome life and shares her experiences and insights through BRE HEALTHY.

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